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Silvertel’s Ag5500 is a Power over Ethernet (POE) module that can deliver up to 60 Watts of output power to the Powered Device (PD). It comes in a standard “½ brick” format with location holes for heat sink mounting, necessary due to the higher power output

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Ag5500 will accept power from a single compatible 60W PSE, including Silvertel’s Ag6100-HP. It conforms to the IEEE802.3af standard for signature recognition and class programming. This allows the module to work with off the shelf PoE ultra PSE’s from various manufacturers. The high efficiency DC/DC converter operates over a wide input voltage range to provide a regulated low ripple and low noise output. The module also has built-in overload, thermal and short-circuit output protection. Ag5500 provides two separate 12V outputs which can be connected in series or parallel. This is ideal for many types of IP products that require more power than standard POE can provide. Possible applications include WIMAX, PTZ cameras, video phones, network drives, thin clients etc.

  • 60 Watt POE PD Module
  •  IEEE802.3af compliant signature
  •  Small size 57.9mmx61mm 1/2 brick
  •  Power received on all 4 pairs
  •  Input voltage range 37V to 57V
  •  Adjustable output voltage (10.5-38V)
  •  Overload, thermal and short-circuit protection
  •  1500V isolation (input to output)
  •  87% efficient DC/DC converter
  •  Minimal (low cost) external components required
  •  Simple integration

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