AMBER wireless is one of the leading manufacturers of low power ISM/SRD solutions in Europe and offers highly efficient wireless products in the 169 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands.

  • Cinterion


    A Machine-to-Machine (M2M) industry pioneer and market leader for more than 15 years, Cinterion gives customers the confidence to excel in a complex M2M ecosystem through the foundations of expertise, security, simplicity and partnership. Cinterion’s award-winning products and services allow a wide range of connected machines, equipment, vehicles and other assets to securely communicate over wireless networks, helping enterprises simplify operations, increase efficiency and establish new business models. Cinterion is a valued partner for equipment makers, integrators, MNOs, and end-users, offering unique competence in combining wireless M2M modules with Machine Identification Modules (MIM), MIM personalization capabilities, cloud-based Service Delivery Platform for M2M applications and device management platforms in a trusted and secure environment. Cinterion products power M2M technology for diverse vertical markets including: automotive, tracking and tracing, industrial mobile computing, metering and smart grid, payment systems, healthcare, security systems, routers and gateways, remote maintenance and control and more.

  • Digi


    Since 1985, Digi International Inc. (Digi) has been a pioneer in wireless communication, forging the future for connected devices and responding to the needs of the people and enterprises that use them.

  • Enfora


    Enfora was an international, wireless networking company headquartered in Richardson, Texas, which was purchased by Novatel Wireless in 2010.[1] Enfora was established in 1999 and is a provider of wireless networking solutions that enable businesses to access, analyze and leverage information from their geographically dispersed assets.[2] Enfora's solutions, consisting of embedded wireless software, wireless platforms – embedded and integrated, integrated products and enterprise software, are based on their distributed intelligence architecture that links an enterprise and its remote assets. Businesses use their products for location-based, monitoring and control, and asset management applications. It had offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America

  • Fibocom


    Fibocom offers a variety of IoT modules to meet the connectivity requirements of different IoT scenarios. Fibocom featured 5G wireless modules, LPWA IoT modules, and smart IoT modules are widely deployed by business and operators worldwide.

  • Gemalto M2M

    Gemalto M2M

    Gemalto M2M is a manufacturer of wireless modules for the cellular machine-to-machine (short M2M) communication.

  • Innocomm


    Connectivity modules (3G/4G, WIFI, BLE, ZigBee), Mobile Computing, IoT/E2E



    LM Technologies is a key enabler of both the Internet of Things (IoT) and cable-free integrator that designs, develops and manufactures innovative wireless products using world-leading technologies and standards, including Bluetooth® and WiFi™. 

  • MultiTech



  • Siemens WM

    Siemens WM

    SIEMENS (WIRELESS MODULE) We deliver high-quality GSM/GPRS and EDGE modules and terminals, and provide leading-edge support for integration, all over the world.

  • Silvertel


    Silvertel specialises in developing and supplying electronic modules for many thousands of diverse customers around the world. Our products are key components in applications including telecoms, datacoms, security systems and commercial electronic products. We are justifiably proud of our innovative product range which includes Power over Ethernet, Telephony interfaces, LED driver modules, DC-DC converters, wireless chargers and battery charging controllers.

  • Wavecom


    Wavecom (acquired by Sierra Wireless in 2009) was a French technology company that developed and manufactured embedded wireless technology for Machine to Machine (M2M) communication, enabling transmission and reception of data and voice communications using wireless cellular network operators.[1] Its technology was used in smart meter solutions, automotive telematicsfleet management systems, wireless alarms, wireless POS devices, fixed cellular terminals and other M2M systems.