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SIEMENS (WIRELESS MODULE) We deliver high-quality GSM/GPRS and EDGE modules and terminals, and provide leading-edge support for integration, all over the world.

Air – The most flexible interface  Use it with Wireless Modules from Siemens.

Our wireless modules are based on the international GSM standard, which has valuable benefits for your wireless application.

• Near worldwide coverage
• Unlimited mobility due to a closely interwoven roaming network

Our modules are readily customized to suit your unique needs by combining them with other innovative technologies such as Java™, GPS, and SIM Access Profile. Full type approval (FTA) and local network operators’ certification ensure all modules integrate easily into the GSM network. Our products comply with ISO TS 16949 quality benchmarks to deliver the high quality you have come to expect from Siemens. What’s more, we adhere to RoHS and WEEE environmental regulations to ensure your products are in line with EU directives.

Our Leadership

When you partner with Siemens, you gain more than merely top-class technology. You also enjoy

• Comprehensive support from your local contact throughout the integration process
• Innovative technology from the market and technology leader
• Our communications know-how based on the expertise of Siemens Communications
• Our expertise in a broad range of fields, which ensures our products are optimized for each industry
• IPR protection regarding GSM, GPRS and EDGE
• Unique support provided by our Partner Program, the “Siemens Wireless Community”.

Your Benefits

First-rate technology, expertise in communications, and in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industries – all these factors ensure you get the professional wireless solution you require. Take a look around you. Notice how our wireless modules are already making life simpler, safer, and more efficient simply by using the most flexible interface of them all – air.